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Shadow Witch's Runes

Shadow Witch's Runes

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The Witch's Runes are simple pictograms that match concepts with more understandable symbols in this modern world. They were few, simple to tell apart from one another, and easy to understand. In some ways, the Witch's Runes were a groundbreaking introduction to the concept of abstract symbolism itself. 

Front side: The unique enamel base is covered with UV color and a 3D metal symbol.

Back side: Luminous black Rune, matte black wash, 3D embossed triple moon pattern.

  • Size: 35mm * 35mm * 5mm
  • Craft: Metal embossing + Enamel UV color
  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Includes: a set of 13 Witch's runes
  • Packaging: Lid and base box
  • Weight (runes + box): 562g
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