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Shadow Night Raven Lenormand

Shadow Night Raven Lenormand

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  • Card Size: 8CM x 9CM (3.15 inches x 3.54 inches)
  • Card Shape: Hexagonal
  • Card Material: 400gsm card stock
  • Card Craftsmanship:
    • Satin finish on card faces
    • White edges
    • Gold foil stamping on card faces and backs

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Shadow Night Raven Lenormand - A mystical journey through the realm of divination awaits you with this enchanting Lenormand deck. Featuring 45 captivating cards, including a Kickstarter exclusive card, this hexagonal deck is a collector's dream. Delve into the rich symbolism of the raven as you unlock the wisdom and insight it offers. Each card is a masterpiece of exquisite artistry, making this deck perfect for both divination and artistic appreciation.

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