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Little Bean Tarot Kickstarter Edition

Little Bean Tarot Kickstarter Edition

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A set of 78+2 Rider-Waite Tarot deck, featuring a grand stage drama led by Little Bean.

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Standard Edition:

Size: 7*12cm
Box: Lid & Base
Card Stock: 350GSM, Linen
Print: Full-color print + red edge
Finish: Playing card finish

Pocket Edition:

Size: 4.7*7.7cm
Box: Tuck case
Card Stock: 350GSM, Linen
Print: Full-color print
Finish: Playing card finish

The Little Bean Tarot comes in two versions: the standard edition and the DouDou (pocket) edition. Both versions feature the same design for the main character, little bean, but they differ in size, background color, and card back design.

Modeled after the RW (Rider-Waite) Tarot, the deck consists of 78+2 cards, with 78 being the standard RW tarot cards. The additional two cards are special designs exclusive to this Kickstarter version.

The composition of the card faces largely follows the standard RW Tarot layout. However, as mentioned earlier, we've added many details and elements to this set for everyone to explore. You might find yourself amused by some of the subtle details as you delve into the cards.

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