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Dive into the enchanting world of the Kakapo with our unique Tarot deck, a tribute to one of the rarest birds on Earth.

What's in the Box: The deck comes with 79 cards, which includes 78 tarot cards and 1 universal card. You'll also receive a handy guidebook and a Kakapo Reading Cloth.

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  • Mystical Design: Each card is intricately designed, encapsulating the essence and charm of the Kakapo bird, interwoven with traditional tarot symbolism.

  • A Cause Close to Heart: A portion of our project's profits was proudly donated to the Kakapo Recovery Program in New Zealand. By owning this deck, you become part of a bigger initiative to support these endangered creatures.

  • Limited Edition: Only 100 decks have been printed, making it a rare collectible for tarot enthusiasts and bird lovers alike.

  • Card Dimensions: Our cards are sized for a comfortable hold at 66×120mm (2.6 × 4.7 inches).
  • Card Material: Cards will be printed from premium 350 GSM copper core paper, complete with double-sided oil coating for a durable and high-quality feel. As a finishing touch, we've added gilded edging for an elegant look.
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