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Montrio Studio

1999 Bizarre Summer Lenormand

1999 Bizarre Summer Lenormand

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  • Material: 350gsm card stock
  • Finish: Lamination finish
  • Size: Standard size 63 x 88mm / Pocket size 44.1 x 63.1mm 

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" 1999 Bizarre Summer "Lenormand Deck is a unique blend of fantasy, magic, and personal storytelling. This deck invites you to explore a magical journey that resonates with the youthful dreams and fantasies nestled in every woman's heart. This unique deck intertwines childhood nostalgia with the artistic evolution of a young girl into an artist, all while maintaining the essence of a girlish spirit.

This deck includes 44 cards featuring 36 traditional Lenormand cards, along with two extra 'girl' and 'boy' cards, one alternative 'heart' card, a special 'flame' card, and four open-ended creative cards for personalized interpretation. Additionally, the deck is available in two sizes, standard and pocket, each with a distinctive design on the card backs.

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